The Welfare and aid packet complies a list of resources aimed at helping members out with the appropriate and accurate information as needed Packet contains different tabs with appropriate resources and will be periodically updated with new information.

Ministering in the Era of Covid-19

COVID-19 has brought difficult and highly challenging times to the whole world, causing pain to many individuals and families. Businesses have closed down, and many lost their jobs with the consequent financial hardships. The church is not excluded from this pandemic challenges. Like many or all others, our church has been closed for physical face to face service since the second Sunday in March 2020. Our every Sunday and weekly services have been online, with every member and our outside friends calling in from their respective homes.

COVID-19, although a virus, is also seen as an unseen enemy that has attacked the whole world, with too many lives lost already and is still ravaging everywhere. While the Scientists and the Medical professionals at the forefront, trying to discover vaccines and treating infected patients, we as a Church also believe that it is essential to call on God to intervene and heal his land, which belongs to Him and the people in it. Psalm 24:1-2

  • Spiritually, we are praying and fasting, earnestly calling on God to heal His land. We hold on to His word that says – If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land 2 Chronicles 7 : 14.
  • We realize that many people, church and none church members alike are facing some difficult times at this time. We try as much as we can to assist the people with food items, financially and materially. On a regular weekly basis, food and materials have been distributed to the homeless in the street and to those in need.
  • By telephone, we pray for the sick who phone in to ask for prayers and give biblical guidance to many troubled and broken hearts. Luke 4:18.
  • We have continued to educate members and worshippers on the importance and need to adhere strictly to rules and guidelines issued by the CDC, and the State/Federal Government. We are working to ensure that every Church member goes to do the COVID-19 test.

Overall, we believe that with faith in God, full adherence to guidelines and God’s intervention, this whole pandemic will be over soon and the people and lands will be restored to normalcy.

Community Food Bank of New Jersey

CFBNJ fight hunger and poverty in New Jersey by assisting those in need and seeking long-term solutions. We engage, educate and empower all sectors of society in the battle.

Working together with volunteers, donors and our many partners, we work to fill the emptiness caused by hunger with food, Help and hope.


Free online Tax website for filing tax returns and accounting services as needed.

Legal Services of New Jersey

Legal Services of New Jersey provides free legal services to individuals seeking help. They provide legal information/resources for individuals to educate themselves as well as others useful resources. Resources includes but not limited to
  • Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Government Aid Services
  • Seniors
  • Taxes

Student Family Health Care Center

The mission of the Student family health care center is to provide thorough, yet efficient patient care to those in our community who are unable to afford current medical care costs.

The clinic is located in suite 7100 of the Doctor's office center (DOC) on the Ruthers Biomendical Health Sciences Campus and operates every Tuesday and Thursday evening starting at 5:30pm. There are on average three patients per night who are seen by teams of 3-5 Students. Each team is led by one or two third or fourth year students with first and second year students rounding out the team. After interviewing and examining the patient, students then meet with the attending physician in a seperate office consult. The attendee then also meets with the patient and the students implement the plan for treatment. The clinic aims to provide high quality care by pairing student teams with patients and instilling in the students a commitment towards their patients.

Newark Community Health Centers

The mission of Newark Community Health Centers is to provide affordable, high quality, and accessible healthcare to the communities that we serve. As one of the largest providers of comprehensive primary care serivces for unishured and medically underserved populations in one of the country's most populated areas, our primary goal is to eliminate health disparities and help people live stronger, healthier and happier lives.

Location: Newark, East Orange, Irvington, Orange

Division of Unemployment Insurance

North New Jersey: 201-601-4100
Central New Jersey: 732-761-2020
South New Jersey: 856-507-2340

New York Division of Labor